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Privacy and protection of personal data

The company Radeče papir Nova wishes to protect your privacy. Most of the pages on our website are such that no disclosure of any information about oneself is required. In order to be able to inform you on our news (e.g. product range catalogue, registration for receiving ideas …), we need some information, which enable your personal identification (personal information) or enable us to contact you. In such cases, we will ask you to communicate them to us. Information you will send us will not be revealed to unauthorised persons and will be used solely for the purpose, for which you have sent them.


Radeče papir Nova does not collect any personal information on visitors of the website, for which it does not have the personal consent given by the website visitor. For the statistic purposes, the company Radeče papir Nova reserves the right to obtain that information on the website visitors, from which individual characteristics of a person do not arise, and it especially does not process the visitors’ IP address. The Radeče papir Nova website is maintained by ORG. TEND d.o.o.. In accordance with the contract concluded with Radeče papir Nova, it performs tasks related to the maintenance and upgrade of the web pages. ORG. TEND d.o.o., processes personal information only within the authorisation of Radeče papir Nova.   

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