Throughout our history of more than 270 years our business has grown and changed. Based on the tradition and now leaded by international presence, proactive dynamic flexibility and innovation our vision unifies us in a common cause and growth strategy of adding value to more people’s lifes in small but meaningful ways each day.


Our idea of excellence does not only refer to produce efficiently high value products, but also to intelligent processes and creative solutions. Every employee is motivated to contribute new ideas and see the global picture beyond his area and the day-to-day business

We at Radeče Papir Nova and Muflon are strongly commited to our home Municipality of Radeče. As the largest employer at the location we support numerous social and cultural projects. Above all we believe that encouraging qualified junior employees is an important aspect of social responsability.

Our approach to sustainability is based on the strategy of corporate social responsability as »creating added value for people’s life« The strategy is built every day, through our commitment towards the customers and partners, which results in high quality products, innovation and responsable communication.

Our company activities are based on a mutual trust between colleagues, full dedication and transparency towards the group, as well as towards all stakeholders.



The tradition of paper production


The tradition of paper production in Radeče goes back to 1736. From then on, all generations have been faithfully following the footsteps of the paper-mill masters. The expertise based on tradition of many years and the acquired knowledge is shown in the quality making of all types of paper.

The beginnings reach back to 1736


Watermark stating “Ratschah” was designed


The Piatnik brothers start manufacturing bond and banknote paper


The machine is upgraded for the production of better-quality paper and paperboards (producing 25 tons a day)


The third paper machine is build and the power facility is updated


The fourth paper machine is set up and the new production facilities


The fifth paper machine is set up, intended for the production of bond and protected paper


Reconstruction of PM4


Reconstruction of PM5


Establish of a new company Radeče papir Nova d.o.o.


responsible management

Business policy

What the companies Radeče papir nova and Muflon have in common is a tradition and a vision, the ability to achieve set objectives and product quality.


Quality of products and services and environmental management are integral parts of the management policy of the companies Radeče papir nova and Muflon, which contribute their share to the general development of the local and broader society in this way. In doing so we take into consideration the basic principles of responsible conduct in the field of the environment and we commit to using natural resources responsibly and protecting the environment, so that it will serve the current and future generations well.


The key objectives of the business policy include:

  • Developing products and services that will reach and exceed the requirements and expectations of consumers in the fields of quality and environmental management, while taking into account the principles of sustainable development;
  • Being committed to constant monitoring and implementation of legislative requirements covering all aspects of operations and respecting environmental requirements as expressed by customers and other interested parties;
  • Constantly improving the reliability, economy and environmental efficiency of processes and procedures;
  • Educating employees about safety at work, improving quality and promoting environmentally responsible conduct;
  • Ensuring good working conditions that reduce the chance of injuries at work, implementing legislation and other occupational health and safety requirements;
  • Reducing and preventing pollution and preserving natural resources on the basis of the use of best practices;
  • Ensuring that all organisations or persons who work for Radeče papir nova or Muflon, or act on their behalf, conduct themselves in accordance with the business policy of Radeče papir nova and Muflon;
  • Increasing the use of wood and wood products from resources which prove their commitment to sustainable development by achieving the FSC® certificate.


* Please contact us for additional information about which products can be delivered as FSC® certified products.

Each employee must understand and support the business policy and actively participate in the programmes which enable its realisation. In order to improve the environment, the companies are committed to close cooperation with employees, business associates, state bodies and local communities and to providing information about their environmental management to all interested parties.

Environmental protection

Our basic guideline

Environmental protection

The environmental protection is our basic guideline. We are trying to have a positive impact on the environment. Since we are closely related to our commitment to the local environment, on the basis of which we help to create a pleasant living conditions for our employees and the surrounding population. Our environmental policy is intertwined with our business policy, in which we are considering the fundamental principles of responsible environmental management and we are committed to the responsible usage of natural resources and environmental protection , for the benefit and good of present and future generations.

As a paper processing industry, we are aware about our diverse influence we have on the environment, therefore we have a special responsibility. We are proving it by the integration of the environment management system into the strategic management of our company. We fullfill all requirements of ISO 14001 : 2015, which is reflected in the improvement of the impact of environmental management, as a successful and efficient implementation of the environmental management system.


Our basic guideline


The sale of the seller’s products

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