19. 5. 2022

We are proud of the new recognition of the Charm of Wood (Čar lesa) exhibition

The traditional exhibition The Charm of Wood, organized for the fourteenth time by the Society for the Protection of Wood of Slovenia and the Wood Council in cooperation with Cankarjev […]
14. 3. 2022

Radeče papir nova attending High Security Printing Latin America conference

From March 14 – 16 we are attending one of the largest security paper conferences in the world. High Security Printing Latin America conference presents strategies and solutions for the […]
2. 3. 2022

Radeče papir nova is the first company in the EU paper industry to be certified with the European quality mark EQTM

Antibacterial paper is a remarkable innovation that also protects against coronavirus. With great pride, we in Radeče papir nova – a company for production and marketing of graphic, technical, multipurpose […]
23. 9. 2021

Antibacterial paper of Radeče papir nova – gold award of the Posavje region 2021 for innovation

We are very happy and proud that the commission of the Posavje Chamber of Commerce and Industry has ranked our antibacterial paper among the four gold medalists – out of […]
8. 7. 2021

2nd EU – Western Balkans ministerial meeting on employment and social affairs

Well prepared and with optimism as one can see in the accompanying photo, today we expected a distinguished and large delegation of ministers for employment and social affairs of the […]
7. 7. 2021

RPN – The main partner of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU

As the main partner of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU, we proudly entered a completely new role, which, in addition to great responsibility, brings us also […]
6. 7. 2021

Video presentation – Radeče papir nova

There are not many exceptional opportunities in the history of a company that would call for their own video presentation. These are usually anniversaries of the founding of the company […]
6. 7. 2021

Radeče papir nova, d.o.o. is the main partner of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU

The company Radeče papir nova is proud of, and at the same time feels a profound sense of responsibility towards, its role as the main partner of the Slovenian presidency […]
18. 3. 2021


RADEČE PAPIR NOVA and MUFLON remain awarded with the SAFEGUARD label Work processes during the COVID-19 pandemic require each employee to adapt quickly, taking into account safety rules, health and […]
15. 2. 2021

HP Indigo certified paper for HP Indigo Digital Presses

Radeče papir nova, d.o.o. is excited to announce that our paper with security elements is certified by HP Indigo for use on HP Indigo Digital Presses (HP Indigo 12000, HP […]
11. 9. 2020

Antibacterial R Copy® Paper protected also against coronavirus

Radeče, 11. September 2020 Antibacterial R Copy® Paper is treated with antimicrobial and antiviral Sanitized® technology to protect the paper from bacteria and viruses. The latest testing at an independent […]
7. 8. 2020

Radeče papir nova, d.o.o. receives Halal certification

Ljubljana, 3. August 2020 The certifying body, Islamic community in the Republic of Slovenia, issued the certificate that lists the products of Radeče papir nova, d.o.o. that are free of […]
11. 6. 2020

Where and why do we recommend antibacterial paper?

Radeče, 10.6.2020   Limiting the spread of bacteria is especially important for people with a weakened immune system, who are particularly at risk of developing infections. We recommend the use of […]
3. 4. 2020

Radeče papir nova presents an innovative paper that provides antibacterial protection

Radeče, 3.4.2020 The new paper with antibacterial protection is a significant novelty in the family of R Copy Paper® products for everyday office and home use. Bacteria are our constant […]
4. 3. 2020


Radeče, February 27, 2020 Conventional printing technologies, such as offset printing, screen printing and intaglio printing, are considered to be primary printing technologies for the production of security printed matter […]
12. 11. 2019

The watermark; the oldest and most reliable paper protection element

Radeče, 12.11.2019 – Although the watermark appeared as early as the 13th century, it is still considered a protection that is difficult to falsify, and counterfeits can be detected quickly. […]
28. 10. 2016

Intergraf Certificate for Security Management System

The CWA 15374 certificate confirms worldwide recognition as a supplier to the security printing industry.
21. 10. 2016


From 5th to 7th October, Radeče papir nova exhebited at the Security Printers conference and exhibition at the Sevilla Conference Center.
Radeče papir nova