Radeče papir nova presents an innovative paper that provides antibacterial protection


Radeče, 3.4.2020

The new paper with antibacterial protection is a significant novelty in the family of R Copy Paper® products for everyday office and home use.

Bacteria are our constant invisible companions. Many of them are pathogenic and therefore cause disease. The easier it is to transfer bacteria, the faster they spread. Materials such as paper can become potential transmission points for their spread.

Antibacterial protection is added during the manufacture of paper, to provide a reliable and durable antimicrobial effect against a large number of bacteria.

Although the active substances used in antibacterial coating have an effect on human corona virus types, the effectiveness of our supplier’s products against COVID-19 has not yet been explicitly confirmed. Their experts are very actively engaged in test series.


Additional information:

Branko Ključevšek, Sales Manager, branko.kljucevsek@radecepapir.si, +386 (0)51 277 783

Metka Rozman, Sales Representative, metka.rozman@radecepapir.si, +386 (0)51 277 841

Maruška Cerar Bebar, Sales Representative, maruska.cerar.bebar@muflon.si, +386 (0)41 605 400


Presentation of antibacterial paper  (slovensko / english / deutsch)

Where and why do we recommend antibacterial paper? (slovensko / english / deutsch)



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