Radeče, February 27, 2020

Conventional printing technologies, such as offset printing, screen printing and intaglio printing, are considered to be primary printing technologies for the production of security printed matter (travel documents, tax stamps, banknotes, etc.). With conventional printing technologies, we can print print elements that are universally regarded as security features, and which can be identified with the eyes or small accessories such as a magnifying glass or UV light.

Digital printing technologies have so far not played a prominent role in the printing of security features; on the contrary, they were successfully used to forge documents. HP Indigo, together with JURA, and in the final stages of paper selection with the support of Radeče papir Nova, d.o.o., decided to make a move in this field. With the development of the technology and materials of the first two companies, and the specially designed paper of the Radeče paper mill, which largely enables the production of security features, as is possible with conventional technologies, the protections enabled by digital printing have been added.

This new way of digital security printing works with the help of special electro-liquid colors, which, for good prints and performance, require specially made paper, similar to the usual type, but properly prepared with a special coating. To facilitate this, a coated paper has been developed at Radeče Paper Nova that ensures the operation of all digital security features and enables superior quality printing. At the same time, HP Indigo is already carrying out the required procedures to certify paper produced in this way, for a new age of digital protection. Further testing is already underway at the HP Indigo office in Singapore. The whole innovative approach was first introduced by HP Indigo to its customers at an event at their largest European demonstration centre in Barcelona.

This technology represents a major step forward in the digital age of options and protections that are now accessible to users. These advances are at the same time reducing the options for falsifying documents, which is of exceptional importance for protecting products and individuals.


Radeče papir nova